Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Wonderful World of Antiques & Collectibles

"In another time people cared about helping others and took pride in what they did or created. This Blog is dedicated to helping others learn about those wonderful times through the Antiques and Collectibles that survived."

Having run an Antique and Collectibles Store, I am now starting to auction and sell a very large inventory of Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Retro and every era items. You'll find Porcelain, jewelry, silver, collectible, antique collectible, pottery, glass, doll, Boyd’s, bears, ceramic, figurine, collecting, flea market items, vintage toys, bottles, advertising, collector, furniture, furnishing, vase, ornaments, Asian antiques, oriental, cosmetics, appraisal, antique clocks, Shawnee, Josef, politic, depression glass, dinnerware, comics, Fenton and just about anything collectible.

My goal is to share with you about 35 years of knowledge and experience in the antique and collectible field and to present as many options for learning and enjoyment as possible. There are many resources that are available on this blog. I will be writing articles that will teach you how to repair and restore antiques, how to care for your treasures, how to spot fakes, help you identify your finds, great reference sources, a variety of informational articles, and I will try to help you get answers to any question involving treasures from the past and will answer in this Blog. Stay awhile and enjoy the wonderful world of antiques and collectibles. My first goal is to Define and Differentiate Between Terms in this field:

Antique: Generally this term is used to describe an object made over 100 years ago (It is now common to see 80+ years as the benchmark)

Vintage: Objects made 20+ to 80 years ago

Classic: Term used to describe an object made 20+ years ago and serving as the established model or standard. Example: A 1950's Diner

Collectible: An item which has value due to its rarity and desirability; examples include antiques, coins, and art.

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